Recruitment & Staffing solutions…

We are Qlick!

Recruitment & Staffing Solutions…

We are Qlick!

Are these issues challenging your business?

  • Are you looking for top quality IT-personnel, but you just can’t find them?
  • Are you losing ground to competitors, cause your company is not up-to-speed with the latest technology? 
  • Are you up-to-date with the latest legislation around payroll, tax and social insurance?
  • Do you need more manpower to get through some temporary issues? 

Let us help, while you grow your business

Our goal is to simplify your recruitment and payroll process and provide excellent customer service, accuracy and quality. With our large database of professionals and our cloud-based payroll solution, we offer a variety of products and services designed to remove the timeconsuming aspects of recruiting and payroll processing. Let us help, while you focus on getting more business.

We also specialize in highly skilled migrants (someone from outside the EU who comes to the Netherlands to work based on their specialist knowledge) and arrange residency, work permits and offer extensive relocation assistance. Qlick is an authorised partner of the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND Erkend Referent).

When you work with us:

  • You have access to the best (IT) personnel available in The Netherlands;
  • Fast and dependable support from our customer service;
  • Easy-to-use Exact app for employees to keep track of hours worked, absences, expenses etc.;
  • Always up-to-date with the latest payroll, tax and social insurance legislation;
  • Fast and complete solution for new personnel and if needed we arrange visas and work permits.

Peace of mind

Companies spend way too much time managing their workforce. In fact, small businesses spend between one and ten hours a month processing just payroll! Unsurprisingly, many business owners say book keeping and taxes are the worst part of owning a business. From employee claims and leave requests to overtime submissions, payroll tasks pile up quickly. These repetitive duties are an inefficient use of your employees’ time.

On top of that finding and ‘testing’ quality personnel is difficult and risky, especially with the local laws and legislation. Keeping up-to-date with all legislation is a time-consuming burden to most companies.

This time would be much better spent focusing on strategy and growing your business!

Highly skilled migrants

Visa and work permits

The Netherlands was crowned the most competitive economy in Europe in 2019, hence why Qlick recruits worldwide. We work closely with the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND) and are an official authorised partner (IND Erkend Referent). Qlick is also NEN-4400-1 Certified which protects you against risks related to Liability, Tax and Social Security.

Click here for the SNA brochure for more info about the NEN-4400-1 certification

Relocation assistance

We offer extensive relocation assistance varying from booking flights and arranging airport pick up, to showing our new migrant our beautiful city of Amsterdam. Our team members have been living in Amsterdam for many years and are happy to explain everything about the city!

Click here to download the Qlick brochure for more info. 

30% Tax ruling

The 30% ruling is granted to highly skilled expats with specific expertise, working in The Netherlands provided certain conditions are met. With the 30% ruling, the expat can receive a tax-free compensation from its employer of up to 30% of its gross salary. Qlick is specialised in this matter, we’ll take care of this application for you.

Click here for more info and the latest news about the ‘30% Tax Ruling’.

About Qlick

Qlick offers a comprehensive solution for recruitment, temporary staffing, extensive salary administration and tax returns; always in accordance with the relevant Dutch legislation.