The best IT-projects for you..

Join Qlick now!

The best IT-projects for you..

Join Qlick!

Are you looking for a new job in the ICT-sector?

  • We have the best and most challenging projects at Holland’s largest companies;
  • Our in-house recruiters will connect you with our clients;
  • Our HR-department will organise all your financials, in accordance with the relevant Dutch legislation;
  • Our customer service will be available to you 24/7, we’ve got you covered.

Quit throwing up roadblocks and get started with Qlick!

Join our community and work on the most challenging projects at the largest companies in The Netherlands. Since you will be on our payroll you don’t have to worry about the financials. Just keep track of the hours you’re working and we will pay you your salary on time every month or even weekly, straight after our client has approved the hours. Besides that, you are automatically insured under several social security acts such as the Unemployment Act and the Sickness Benefits Act, and accrue a pension.

Are you from abroad and a specialist in a certain field? You may be classed as a ‘Highly skilled Migrant’ for the Dutch Law and receive tax benefits. ‘The 30% ruling’ allows an employer to grant an employee a tax-fee allowance of 30% of his taxable income. Qlick will check whether you are eligible for the 30% ruling and submit the application with the Dutch Tax Office.

Partner with us and…

  • Feel secure with a (fixed) salary and social security;
  • Let us take care of your admin and invoices while you focus on your work field;
  • We find the best projects;
  • Keep track of the hours you work, expenses, leave etc through our easy-to-use Exact App;
  • Build up reserves for a ‘rainy day’ with our Reserves/Holiday Fund;
  • We take care of your visa and work permit if needed.

Peace of mind

Not to worry if you are currently not working for a good company or on a challenging project, we’ve got you covered. Once you’ve joined us and we’ve found you a suitable position, we’ll keep looking after you. Zero worries about tax and social security premiums, just focus on your job and boost your reputation.

Find out what Qlick is all about….

Are you from outside the EU?

Visa and work permits

The Netherlands was crowned the most competitive economy in Europe in 2019, hence why Qlick recruits worldwide. We work closely with the Dutch Immigration Authority (IND) and are an official authorised partner (IND Erkend Referent). Qlick is also NEN-4400-1 Certified which protects you against risks related to Liability, Tax and Social Security.

Click here for the SNA brochure for more info about the NEN-4400-1 certification.

Relocation assistance

We offer extensive relocation assistance varying from booking flights and arranging airport pick up, to showing you our beautiful city of Amsterdam. Our team members have been living in Amsterdam for many years and can tell you everything about the city!

Click here to download our brochure for more information about Qlick.

30% Tax ruling

The 30% ruling is granted to highly skilled expats with specific expertise, working in the Netherlands provided certain conditions are met. With a 30% ruling, the expat can receive a tax-free compensation from its employer of up to 30% of its gross salary. Qlick is a specialist when it comes to applications for the 30% Ruling.

Click here for more info and the latest news about the ‘30% Tax Ruling’.

About Qlick

Qlick offers a comprehensive solution for recruitment, temporary staffing, extensive salary administration and tax returns; always in accordance with the relevant Dutch legislation.